Easy ways to enhance your time with the Bible

Easy ways to enhance your time with the Bible

Double-tap for full-screen focus
If you’d like to see a passage in full-screen mode, you can easily hide the Bible App’s navigation. Double-tap quickly on the passage and your experience will focus completely on the text. When you’re ready to move on, tap twice again to bring back the interface.

Remember verses that hit home
Sometimes a verse feels like it was written just for the moment you’re in. Keep it at the top of your mind with a bookmark. When you create the bookmark, you can add a title, label, and color to make it easier for you to find again later. For example, try designating a color for verses you want to memorize. If you need a little help figuring out bookmarks, visit http://support.youversion.com for step-by-step instructions.

Keep track of passages during church
Flipping back and forth between several passages during church? Create a quick bookmark for each verse that’s mentioned. Then, you can quickly jump between those verses by tapping on the bookmark icon (at the bottom of your screen on iOS or in your menu on Android). Added bonus: You can pull up those verses on your mobile device all week long to refresh what you learned!


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