1 John 4:1

Smorgasbord Religion

It is so trendy to practice smorgasbord religion – a little dose of Jesus, a little pinch of Buddha, a little Mohammed here and a little New Age thought there. It makes you sound so “with it”…so spiritual.

But it is fundamentally dishonest. It is an insult to each religion, for it is like spiritual looting. It is a classic refashioning of God into your own chic image. And it is a reminder of the many intellectual airheads today. Make a decision for crying out loud! But don’t be a phony for every faith. They don’t say the same thing. They don’t believe the same things.

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life. No one comes to the Father but through me.” Either He lied or was terribly insane – or is who He said He is. This is in direct conflict with every other religion. With Him, it’s all or nothing. I believe He is the truth about God.

Make a decision about Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, or whomever. But don’t insult them all with this airhead pseudo-sophisticated practice of smorgasbord religion.
1 John 4:1


About donnyprevette

I am a Christian that loves JESUS CHRIST and loves to tell others about him
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