My lonely Father’s Day

There’s a lot of things I could talk about this Father’s Day, for one ever since I was a young man all I wanted too do is be a great dad like my dad was for me, but somewhere along the way I guess I screwed up. I know I messed up 2 marriages but I thought my kids and I would always be close, however I see a family squabble has come between my son and I’m. Well to that I say this son I love you and my 3 grandsons and I always have and I always will please understand you are my son and I have never turned my back on you and never will I will always be there for you and if something happens before this gets worked out please jeep your love and trust in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and I’ll see you in heavens. Happy fathers Day
Too my lovely wife Laurie you gave made my life complete you are more then I ever deserved and all I ever dreamed and more my love for you is a never ending process and forever faithfull.
Too my granddaughter Shianne you brought life back too me you gave been a Blessing from GOD and I’m forever grateful we have such a bond and pray I can always be there for you my precious little princess but if I’m not please take ease in knowing nana will keep our promise too you and anytime you want too have one our little talks just look too heaven and know your poppy is always watching over you and loves you.
I miss my mother and dad so much but the one thing I look forward too is seeing them in heaven and talking to them again, I’ve missed that so much.


About donnyprevette

I am a Christian that loves JESUS CHRIST and loves to tell others about him
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