We All Want God’s Favor!!!

If My people who are called by My Name…Humble themselves and Pray and Seek My Face…I Will hear from Heaven …..And Forgive Them…And Heal Their Land.
2 Chronicles 7:14
Heartfelt Prayers Will Always Touch The Heart Of God…..Then
God’s Grace Is Released…Your Prayers For Others In Need…
Will Open The Windows Of Heaven for Those You Prayed For
….And Then They Open The Gates To A Larger You …And God Enters In And Gives You Favor….Though God’s Favor Is Intangible…And It Cannot Be Seen..
It Does Bring His Blessings……And
His Blessings Are Easy To See!!!…
We all know someone who needs Prayer!!!….
And We All Want God’s Favor!!!


About donnyprevette

I am a Christian that loves JESUS CHRIST and loves to tell others about him
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