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A Chrisian prayer for harmony and peace….

Dear God,

Mankind can trust in no other than Thee our Heavenly Father.

Thou knowest the end from the beginning and watchest over all.

We pray Thy blessing on all Thy children suffering or troubled this day, that they may find comfort and rest in Thy loving care.

Grant us Thy forgiveness for our failings, and grant that we may seek to live in greater harmony and peace with one another whether far from us or near.

We pray that Thou wilt open the way for us to reach a deeper understanding of our eternal brotherhood and sisterhood as Thy children.

We pray that Thou wilt grant the gift of happiness to all children everywhere, and vouch safe their journeys toward adulthood in the better world we can make in partnership with Thee.

May we learn to forgive and serve one another with loving compassion, that all mankind’s needs may be met, and that none suffer needlessly for lack of the services we can provide with Thy blessing.

Increase the faith and the hopes of those who know Thee not, that they too may come to serve Thee in their service to others of Thy children here in mortality. May we come to know Thee more fully and bring unity to our efforts as we strive to do Thy will in all things.

We pray this humbly in the holy name of Thy son, even Jesus Christ.


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This Hub was last updated on October 8, 2012

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Dave Mathews 10 months ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

AMEN! May this prayer be carried on the wings of one of God’s Holy Angels to God Himself sitting upon His Throne.

Deborah Brooks 10 months ago from Brownsville,TX Level 8 Commenter

WHAT A WONDERFUL PRAYER.. I am sharing on the prayer page on Facebook

God bless you


teacherjoe52 10 months ago Level 6 Commenter

Very well thought out and composed.

God bless you.

Perspycacious 10 months ago from Today’s America and The World Beyond Hub Author

Dave Mathews We all give thanks for our blessings from His hands.

Deborah Brooks: Thanks for sharing. I hope it is not too hot down there in Brownsville. Yesterday we had our first measurable trace of moisture in 38 days! And it rained nicely. A blessing we are thankful for. It was beginning to be a Brown-ville here, too!

teacherjoe52: Am I correct that you are serving Christ and God in an official capacity of some sort? Thanks for the comment and the “bless you.” May God richly bless you, too.

Mhatter99 10 months ago from San Francisco Level 8 Commenter

Amen and thank you

Perspycacious 10 months ago from Today’s America and The World Beyond Hub Author

Mhatter99: May it be so.

Gypsy Rose Lee 10 months ago from Riga, Latvia Level 8 Commenter

This is wonderful. Voted up and awesome. This is a much needed prayer. Passing this on. God bless.

rdsparrowriter 6 months ago from Moratuwa Level 3 Commenter

Amen .. may God bless you!

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