Dear Precious LORD JESUS

Oh Mighty GOD My Precious LORD JESUS CHRIST I kno it is better too have never known you then to know you and do bad and i kno its meant fir us all to keep all the commandments but when the rich man ask you, you told him of 6 that I take as the most important!!!!!!!!

(Matthew 19:18, 19 NIV)

“Which ones?” he inquired. Jesus replied,
“ ‘You shall not murder,
you shall not commit adultery,
you shall not steal,
you shall not give false testimony,
honor your father and mother,’
and ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’ ”

(Matthew 19:18, 19 NIV)

Oh precious LORD JESUS, I come too you truly with much too confess but my LORD I’ve lied, I’ve stole , and I’ve committed adultery. Not purposely have I stole but it had turned out to look like that, and not meaningful have I lied, but again yes it looks like that. and yes I’ve committed adultery and I knew what I was doing but the fleshly urge was too great and I fell I beg your forgiveness and ask you too help me LORD please as I pray for my sins to be fire given and I beg you to forgive those that have transgressed against me.

LORD JESUS Please me and have mercy on me so that I may help any one in my future and right the wrongs I’ve done in my past.

Please dear LORD in JESUS Precious HOLY Name I PRAY!!!!!!!!


About donnyprevette

I am a Christian that loves JESUS CHRIST and loves to tell others about him
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