Everyday miracles

The Bible is filled with stories of God’s miracles, but what about the everyday miracles that fill our lives – such as the frustrated prayer that God will help us find our car keys? Here are recent miracles that range from the mundane to the life-saving. In each, God’s hand is apparent:

Everyday miracles

Ruth Graham – daughter of Dr. Billy Graham – Some years ago after an outdoor church picnic, our pastor’s wife discovered the diamond from her engagement ring was missing. It had falllen out. Where? When? It was anybody’s guess. We paused to pray and ask for God to help us locate the small diamond. I am afraid none of us had much faith that we would ever find it. Everyone stopped what they were doing and began to look. We went through the grass, the garbage, the sink, cooking pots — everything — with a fine-tooth comb. We did it all again the next day. To no avail. The small diamond was gone. We carried on with the week. It rained. The grass was mowed. But we kept an eye out – just in case. A week later my daughter was playing and spied something sparkling in the grass. She thought it was a rhinestone from her baby doll’s outfit, but she looked a bit closer, picked it up from the grass and dirt. It didn’t look like anything from her baby doll. She brought it inside to ask what I thought. It was the lost diamond!
Jonathan and Robert Loveall – These two brothers are missionaries in Central America. Their parents, Andrew and Rebecca Loveall, administrate a school, Escuela Integrada de Ninos Trabajadores, for kids who help support their families as shoeshine boys, souvenir sellers, tour guides and food vendors on the streets of the tourist city of Antigua in Guatemala. Elbert, Kevin and Arlyn are students at the school. A few years ago, the three teens were babysitting Robert and Jonathan when four masked men forced their way into the Loveall home with guns. They tied up all five boys and threw them onto the kitchen floor. Then they began to ransack the house. In the middle of the robbery, Jonathan and Robert’s father, Andrew, came home. The robbers put the guns to his face and demanded all of the family’s valuables! Usually such home invasions end with the robbers killing all the witnesses. Tied up on the floor, Kevin whispered, “Let’s all pray that Jesus will protect us and make the bad guys go away.” The five boys prayed together. Then, for reasons that no one can explain, the robbers suddenly left — without taking hardly anything. Why did they leave so abruptly? Robert, who was five at the time, says he knows. He explained to his father: “Dad, when I was tied up on the floor and we were all praying for you, Jesus told me not to worry.” And so, Robert says, that’s what he did. He quit worrying, because he knew Jesus was going to take care of everything. And He did!


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