“Are you ready for the end

“Are you ready for the end?” asks Edwards, who is a big fan of the Apostle John’s vision of the apocalypse as he lived in lonely exile on the Isle of Patmos. “In the last book of the Bible,” she writes, ” John wrote down the exact words of the risen Christ to help us prepare for our future with him. The book comes alive with color, sound, visions, songs, terror, triumph, warnings, and promises. Jesus even promises to bless us if we read Revelation, and all the more if we heed its instructions. To me, a study of Revelation seems timely. A few days before the crucifixion, the apostles asked Jesus what signs to expect when his return was imminent. His answer both excites and alarms me.”


About donnyprevette

I am a Christian that loves JESUS CHRIST and loves to tell others about him
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