It has been reported that medicine during the life and times of Jesus was strongly influenced by Greek medicinal standards [1]. The Greeks had revolutionized the concepts and practices of medicine and these new practices were adopted by the Romans of Jesus’ time. Because much of the Greek medicine revolved around the four fluids, or ‘humors’, of the human body (blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile), much of the medicine practiced at the time involved altering the levels of these fluids. Therefore, medical practices such as bloodletting, vomiting, baths, heating, cooling, and sweating were common.

However, these were not the only forms of medicine practiced. In addition to various traditional folk medicines and magical practices, numerous herbs were used to treat common conditions of the times. While few of these are mentioned in the Bible, descriptions of commonly used herbal medications were recorded in texts written by learned men of Jesus’ time


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