Display your faith

Everyone has a special way that they display and express their faith. Unlike many aspects in life, faith is a beautiful thing to have because it can give you the hope that you need to get through anything or give you guidance when you’ve lost your way. Here are a few ways people display their faith to the rest of the world.

Bumper Stickers
Bible Tracts

are just a few ways to let the public know JESUS CHRIST, but are they getting it, or are they just forgetting it after a minute or two…….. I do the same thing and have for years but the past couple months I’ve realized that’s not enough I Love JESUS CHRIST and I want everyone too know. I live every day for my LORD and I’m trying to let others know of his love. In this time of my life I’m having to go through the humiliation by those that were once friends talking about my and calling me names and doing all things against me, simply because I’m going through a bad time in life but I’m not that person and I never have been I’ve always tried to help others. I ask for your Prayers Please!!!!!!!’


About donnyprevette

I am a Christian that loves JESUS CHRIST and loves to tell others about him
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