Dismissing Negativity

How to Dismiss Any Negative State
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Dismissing Negativity

Darkness, in whatever form we experience it — from a simple black, starless night, to a depressed thought or feeling — only exists in the absence of light. And the more clearly we can see the truth of this principle, the greater our potential to realize its power.
The true solution for bringing an end to unconscious suffering rests in our hands. The power needed to release ourselves from our unhappy moments is in the light of our new understanding as to how dark states keep us in the dark. Now we must take these truths into action. Learning to call upon the new understanding these seven special lights contain and reveal is all the help you need to dismiss any dark inner states.

This gallery was provided by Guy Finley, check out his Beliefnet blog Letting Go!
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Darkness, Darkness And Light


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